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We deliver enterprise technology economically and without risk.
Our clients range from big pharma and commercial real estate to non-profits.


“Polyform Labs has helped us enormously with our technological capabilities.”

“What Polyform Labs has done for Allied is huge. I have to acknowledge we had fallen behind in our utilization of technology to achieve our goals. Polyform Labs has helped us enormously with our technological capabilities so that we can provide the quality of information our unit holders depend on.”

MICHAEL EMORY, President & CEO, Allied REIT


I would, without reservations, recommend POLYFORM LABS.

President , Freycinet Investments

“Polyform Labs helped us jump-start enhancements to our data management and risk modelling process. They introduced us to concepts and technology that helped us re-think what is possible to serve our internal clients even better.”

POLY DHARMA, Managing Director, Enterprise Liquidity at RBC


“Consultants, mentors and friends. The team at Polyform Labs have worn many hats throughout our working relationship. I measure the value of any relationship however by the lasting changes that result. Polyform Labs is our most important partner. Full stop. We originally asked them to help us build a technology product, what we got was help building our company.”

PETER LEE, President & CEO, Forewards and Toocoo Media


“Polyform Labs has been more than just a technology provider, they have been our technology partner. They understand that people and business drive technology and not the other way around. Their approach has delivered real business value, not just cool technology.”

 JOHN CHUNG, VP Technology, Allied REIT


“Freycinet Investments retained Polyform Labs to build our IT infrastructure for our new business offices in downtown Toronto. Everyone on the team is “Ultra-Talented” – they made appropriate and cost effective recommendations, and then took a hands-on approach to implementation. Our new infrastructure will enable us to grow, and leverage our initial investment over a number of years.”

JAMES APPLEYARD, President , Freycinet Investments


“Polyform Labs is the trusted technology provider and architect for Sketch Working Arts. In dealing with a very large office move, and building out our new 7500 sq ft facility, they took the time to understand our business needs and ensured the technology supports it. They went the extra mile to deliver as promised.”

RAHIM CHARANIA, Financial Administrator, Sketch Working Arts






Freycinet Investments






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We focus on delivering business value NOT cool technology. Every line of code we write is directly related to a measurable business objective.
We will earn your trust by delivering tangible results from day one.





We approach every project from the perspective of the business. We ensure that your technology serves a purpose and either saves or earns revenue.


We are experts in infrastructure, networks and security. Our security engineers are CISSP and PCI certified.


Our team is certified by Amazon Web Services to design cloud architectures that are effective and economical.


We will only build applications that add value to your business. You see in real-time what we are working on to ensure we are adding value throughout the development process.


Our technology helps real estate companies increase occupancy, reduce costs and delight tenants.
Our applications work with your existing systems.
Your data stays exactly where it is and you control who uses it.




  • Abstract Legal Docs 12x Faster
  • No More Human Error
  • Faster Deal Flow

Case Study



  • Explore Your Data
  • Discover New Insights
  • Act Decisively



  • Increase Occupancy
  • Reduce Risk
  • See Encumbrances



  • Attract New Customers
  • Upsell Existing Customers
  • Reward Loyal Customers


We deliver tangible results every step of the way.


Ronnie Varghese – CEO

Ronnie Varghese

Ronnie spent his early years winning national spelling bees and earning honours as a regional debate champion. However, his career has been spent solving pains and making people’s lives better through technology. Since 2003, he has worked as a technology and management consultant at Workbrain Inc, AT Kearney and Axsium Group, and has served clients in North America, Australia and Europe. In 2011, he founded his first tech startup Veritasq with his three best friends – the startup received honours as a TieQuest 2013 Top 25 Startup.

In 2013, Ronnie co-founded and assumed the role of CEO at Polyform Labs, where his vision, strategic thinking and ability to bring people together drive the team forward. He is also Director of Operations at Stone Soup Innovation Labs – an organization missioned to serve, support and grow a new generation of business builders. The focus is on building sustainable business through service – to the customer, to the team and to the community.
Ronnie devotes a significant portion of his time mentoring and teaching life-skills to individuals recovering from addiction and counseling their families. He holds a Computer Engineering degree from UofT and an MBA from the Rotman School of Management.


Taimur Javed – CTO

Taimur Javed

Taimur’s early foray into programming saw the creation of the riveting comic action title Cat Attack, which was definitely the precursor to Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, but 10 years earlier! He loves programming and problem solving so much that he developed and patented a system for enhancing the execution performance of program code. Why? Because he could.

Professionally, Taimur has held senior team lead and software development roles at Business Objects and SAP. He was co-founder CTO at the Toronto tech startup Veritasq. At Polyform Labs, he is a mastermind who brings ideas, designs and elegance to reality using his love and extensive knowledge of technology. Taimur holds a BASc (Computer) and an MASc (Computer) degree from the University of Toronto.


Inbae Ahn – Managing Partner, CIO

Inbae Ahn

Inbae is convinced he invented Artificial Intelligence in 1985. The program he wrote on a Commodore64 prompted the user for their name with “What’s your name” and responded with “Hello” … genius : )

Inbae has managed multi-million dollar projects for Telus, Indigo and Madison Square Garden. He is the founder of 5 technology companies including Hubba, which was TechVibes Startup of the Year Finalist 2012, as well as a Branham300 Top 25 Startup Award Winner.
In addition to working at Polyform Labs, he is the Managing Partner of a business incubator and instructs a Stanford University based course called StartupWeekend NEXT. He is an advisor to several tech start ups in Toronto and counsels at-risk youth at the Yonge Street Mission. He has been called on to speak at the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, OCAD and George Brown’s School of Design. Inbae studied science at the University of Waterloo. His personal mission is to positively impact the lives of 1 billion people in his lifetime.


Sasha Nikolic – V.P. R&D

Sasha Nikolic

Sasha is a mad scientist at heart, inventing things like the bluetooth glove phone (thumb-in-ear, pinkie-to-mouth), the invisibility hat (which he’s wearing in this picture) and his algae-to-biodiesel experiments. He started writing software by typing-in programs from his Spectrum ZX81’s instruction manual. This soon progressed to writing his own programs, which eventually led him to the University of Waterloo where he studied computers, math and philosophy. Over the past 20 years, he’s designed and built systems for RIM, Workbrain, Hubba and TheServerSide. Sasha has written the book on enterprise Java development… literally… Java Enterprise Best Practices for O’Reilly Press.

At Polyform Labs we rely on Sasha‘s passion for technology, inventiveness, enterprise software experience and humour. In his spare time, he does improv comedy, and works on his plans to conquer the world. He says he still wants to be an astronaut some day.


Justin Thomas – V.P. Engineering

Justin Thomas

Justin’s early love was soccer, which saw him play competitively for his home city of Kitchener. But he soon realized that he loved calculators and circuits more than ankle injuries. In his final years of university, his curiosity (and hero worship of Macgyver) led him to design and build an energy efficient LED lighting system that could replace fluorescent tubes – he was awarded the honour of 2003 Student Energy Ambassador of Canada.

Justin has worked as a senior technical consultant for Workbrain Inc in North America and Australia. Justin co-founded his first startup Veritasq and was its lead engineer. Justin’s passion is learning web technologies and at Polyform Labs he creatively applies his knowledge to real world problems. When not at work you’ll find Justin honing his Mortal Kombat 9 skills or sometimes even getting outdoors to play some soccer. Justin holds a Comp. Eng degree from the University of Waterloo.

Roop Chauhan – V.P. Product

Roop Chauhan

Roop bridges the gap of technology and business, providing our clients with creative, seamless solutions. But don’t get fooled by his young(ish) looks. Trained as a Computer Engineer from the University of Toronto, Roop has worked as a consultant for the City of New York and for Workbrain Inc where he worked for a number of large to small scale clients. He co-founded Veritasq, an online collaboration platform, and is now co-founder at Polyform Labs, where he strives to create inspiring and intuitive products. He is also a co-founder of Stone Soup Innovation Labs, a community and co-working space for young companies.

When not at work, you can find him playing soccer or cricket, or travelling. He’s lived in 7 different cities and counting, and is always ready to take a trip. Roop also mentors university students and is a volunteer guidance counsellor at local high schools.


John Tanaka – Creative Director

John Tanaka

John has been involved in the commercial advertising industry since 1989. He began his career in commercial photography in Toronto, where he was introduced to the world of major brands, agencies, large scale production and process. John quickly gravitated into graphic design and has been continually immersed in all aspects of design and creative direction. John is a human-centric designer who embraces simplicity and elegance. He is focused on an immersive user experience and delivering to our clients’ strategy and brand requirements. He has designed for a wide variety of clients in the tech sector, government, travel, tourism, hospitality, medical and NFP’s.

Besides family and friends, his biggest passion for the last 20 years has been surfing. John lives on the edge of beautiful west coast Vancouver Island. He is a graduate from Humber College and George Brown College.


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